June 11, 2017

Innovative Solutions

Cloud ERP Solutions

We Develop Customizable, Seamless, Automated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Solutions with Cloud Storage thereby Automated Integration of Company with Clients and Vendors in ensuring Streamlining the Business Operations with Maximum Efficiency

We undertake Cloud ERP Solutions from following Industries: Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health Care, Travel and Tours, Construction, Logisics and Supply Chain, Retail and Government Organizations.

 In addition, we do offer specific functions related solutions as : Cloud CRM, Cloud HR, Cloud Finance, Cloud Inventory Management Systems as well

Mobile Apps Development

We Innovate and Develop Creative and Innovative Mobile Apps for Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

The Philosophy in App Development is about Clean UI/UX, Responsive, Stable and User Friendly in ensuring the higher shelf life in the end user’s smartphones

The Apps Development is precisely catered for e-commerce, booking, informative, based requirements

Dynamic Website Development

One’s Identity in Today’s Content is the Website however unlike in earlier days, the Customers has to be seamlessly updated on the Happenings, for which we dwell into the development of Dynamic Website Catering Our Clients with Admin Panel Facilitating an ease of Customization and Updation

In addition, We Offer Our Clients to Integrate Messaging App like Messenger, Whatsapp etc

The Dynamic Websites are responsive with Mobile Browsing as well

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

“What Gets Measured.. Gets Managed..”
-Peter Drucker
Infinia Hub, designs, develops and delivers Data Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions to Companies, seeking to drive revenues, customer engagement, cause-effect analysis, predictive learning etc.
These Solutions as per Clientele’s requirement will be developed where the processing of data and possible recommendations will be efficiently made. Greater the Volume of Data, Better the Results of Data Analytics and Machine Learning is achieved

Social Media Marketing

Infinia Hub with the Team of Graphic Designers and Content Writers, crafts the most Innovative Way to Attract and Pull Existing and New Customers base Via Social Media Marketing Platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Trip Advisors.
We Ideate and Innovate to,
1) Create Campaigns,
2) Plan Strategies
3) Effective Implemention with the Suitable Value Proposition to the Target Audience.
Infinia Hub strives to meet the overall objectives of its clientele from “Awareness” to the “Top of Mind Recall” Factor

InfiniaSmart: Wi Fi Marketing Solutions

Infinia Hub has crafted an Innovative Wi Fi Marketing Platform with the aim of promoting the business via wi fi medium. Unlike the Conventional Practice, We have crafted this Innovative Solutions with the Objectives of
1) A Seamless and Attractive Customer Experience
2) Promoting and Marketing the Offers and Special Items to Its Target Customers
3) SMS Marketing to the Logged In Users
4) Banners/Flyers/Posters based Marketing
With the Control Panel to the Businesses, InfiniaSmart can effectively analyze and metric the performance of the Organization